Meet our team.

We will we have incredible people working for incredible people.

Steve Tressel
Executive Director
Chelsea Freie
Director of Marketing

I enjoy working at Terrace Glen because I get to help guide seniors through a big decision in their life from start to finish. It is an amazing feeling to have residents move in, make new friends, and see them thrive in our community. I’m fortunate to call Terrace Glen staff and residents my family.

Morgan Merritts
Admissions Coordinator
Hannah O'Donnell
Culinary Director

One of the best parts of working at Terrace Glen is the people around me. The staff and residents here make me feel at home and we are always having fun.

Ashley Lawrence
Activities Director

The best thing about working at Terrace Glen Village is that it doesn’t feel like coming to work. Every day is spent laughing, having fun, and making connections with incredible people. Our staff and residents make every moment enjoyable!

Ray Carley
Plant Operations Manager

I enjoy the life experience stories the residents have. The residents can make your bad go away with just a small conversation.

Janice Otting
Human Resources Manager

I enjoy working with Terrace Glen Village because there is a sense of family and community from top to bottom. Every day I feel like my presence is appreciated and I’m happy to take part in others’ days; you’re never working “alone”.

Gina Etten

I love working here because of the residents are so caring. The staff is so amazing, the kindness, smiles, the helpfulness and fun we have. It’s amazing to work here. I love it.

Gary Shover

I enjoy working at Terrace Glen Village. The most important reason being the residents of the community. They make it a joy to be at work by taking a genuine interest in their fellow residents and staff as well. The staff is warm and caring; creating an extremely welcoming atmosphere.

Traci Simpson
Medical Records & Scheduling Coordinator

There are many reasons why I like working at Terrace Glen! I like being part of a team that works hard to create a welcoming atmosphere to those who have chosen to reside here. The team comes together to ensure the wants and desires of the tenants are met and working for a company that fosters everyone unique qualities, makes me proud to be a member of this team.

Bonnie Gutierrez
Business Office Manager

I enjoy the family feeling you get when working in this environment. My goal is to make our residents feel at home. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my two grandkids.

Chad Ware
Director of Nursing
Vicky Day
Assisted Living Director
Hanna Kingry
Speech-Language Pathologist
Lauren Pfiffner
Director of Rehabilitation, Physical Therapist Assistant
Susan Wilson, LPN
Infection Control/Quality Assurance
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